Coming Together as Americans requires Tough Talk

Posted on January 14, 2011


The Republican Party encourages every form of ...

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I have held back throwing my words into the mish-mash of nasty and astounding talk after the Tuscan shooting. Very few people were making sense. Many were saying that this episode was the result of the contentious atmosphere of our politics. And namely that Republican or conservative pundits were the ones creating the rhetoric. Never mind how this trivialized the lives and deaths of the victims and their families. We live in a violent society, but each individual is responsible for their own actions-not society. There is a lot to fix here-so much so that the frustration of it all rears its head in tough angry talk. But this shooting had nothing to do with progressives recreating the Democratic party into something that has very little to do with American values. It had nothing to do with the fact that the American way of life-is under assault-that freedoms are fading, that opportunity to create businesses and to innovate is slipping away. It had nothing to do with any of that. There were no dots to connect. Many facts are still being revealed-but what is clear is that this man who did this ugly thing was loosing his mind over the last year and no one close to him made sure he received the care he needed. And he took up a gun and ended the precious lives of 6 people and injured many more.

This event did hold up a mirror to our ways-and we might not like what we see. So we might react by being more caring of each other, more sensitive. It will not end or solve our problems. And my thought is that our problems are so great-we must speak up. Sometimes it is worth the fight. And if not now-when? When our government is so big that it is taking care of all of us and taking all we have? When we no longer have the means or freedom to innovate? When this country no longer has American values, but is a mediocre European look-alike?

When in our history was there a more bitter time-a time when we were more divided? Of course-the Civil War. As scary as this time is-it tried our very souls back then. I think it is important to revisit this dark time. I want to learn and understand what we went through. I will be studying this time period from the woman’s point of view. I will be sharing what I glean. I know I have very few readers-but this little blog exercise is helpful and stress relieving for me. If you find this blog interesting-share with others. Go out and Be American!

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