Government Take-Over of Government

Posted on January 29, 2011


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In the headlines we read about government taking over our car companies-as in GM; taking over our banking system with more and more regulations; taking over our choices in what we eat with taxes pending on sodas and the like; and of course the perennial favorite-taking over health care or in other words, 1/6th of our economy. It seems our government has its thumb on many of our choices. The Obama administration being faced with a Republican held house is now going the route of regulation, bypassing Congress altogether. With each new regulation, our freedoms to make our own choices is diminished. After listening to Obama’s State of the Union, I have concluded that Obama has the mistaken notion that government is the answer to unemployment, by his concept of “investing” in infrastructure, green technologies (of the government’s choosing of course) and other chosen winners (ie-those that would help to keep democrats in power).

Power in a Republic is an interesting concept. What is the root of this power? Where does it come from? How is it protected and parceled out? Our Republic is that grand experiment not other governments expected to succeed. It is a country where there is self-rule, where the origin of any power given is extended from the people; from the people to the states and from the individual states, each extending part of their soverienty to the federal government to take care of things like forming a military, setting up a treasury, and foreign trade. Our Constitution forms the blueprint that protects these rights and powers. It is one of the most ingenious documents ever produced as a safeguard in the notion of checks and balances of any branch or entity overreaching. But the secret is enforcement. The people need to keep themselves educated, diligent and aware so these rights and freedoms are not stolen. The power lies with us and can only be taken from us if we let it happen. Power is never taken against our will, it can only be given.

Is our power under assault? Yes, like no other time since the Civil War. Over the last century, our power and freedom has been frittered away under the guise of entitlements. The mistaken notion that it is up to the federal government to take care of us has been touted over and over again by those that do not have an understanding of our founding or what is essential in a Republic. It started with Social Security. Since then, Americans have taken this drug and have faltered in saving for their own later years, families no longer feel and demonstrate responsibility for its elderly and infirmed. Our society has suffered. We started looking to the government for solutions for our problems instead of ourselves. We gave over our power to take care of ourselves to the government.  And how has it lived up to our expectations? It has failed miserably. Social Security is insolvent. And Americans have little savings. Americans could have invested the money and could have insured their own futures. I once had a debate with someone who had a favorable view on our welfare system exclaiming, “I hope you are never in need.” Well I have been in need and dealing with that struggle, pulling myself up and gaining the help of a few friends in my community is how I have overcome financial problems and a difficult situation. As a result I have the confidence in my ability to innovate and survive. Entitlements steal our confidence as a country to innovate and acquire excellence in our lives under our own power, a necessary ingredient of a Republic. Thomas Jefferson said, “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

Our power has suffered a major assault in the recent passage of the health care bill. How this bill was passed, without involvement of any Republicans as it was created and with vocal opposition from the people demonstrated at Town Hall Meetings and with outcries from state governments, demonstrates the problem of what happens without shared party government. Processes were ignored, the bill was not available to be read in time for a vote, and our Constitution was circumvented. And once we do see what it is-it has very little to do with the problems of  health care. It is a framework to set up a huge bureaucracy to overtake and utilize 1/6th of the economy-our hard-earned money, that will not be available for us to put to better use such as forming businesses, innovating new products, expanding existing businesses, and building up our own wealth. This period in our history has much to do with the Civil War. It goes to the core of our individual rights that are protected by States rights. Not only does this bill require purchase of a product against our will, but it requires States to fund much of this bill without the permission of states. Many states are filing lawsuits in court and many have outlawed it within its borders.

Many are siting the Virginia Kentucky Resolves that were written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 brought forth by the Federalists. It cited that states had the right to determine whether or not the federal government was complying with the mandate of the Constitution. It went on further to say that the states were the caretaker of the sovereignty of the people. It supported the Republican theory of the notion of a limited federal government. It was then sustained by the 10th amendment; “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  Jefferson and Madison also stated that States can back out of the Constitution if the federal government was not in compliance. This concept was the basis for Southern States secession from the union.

As I am writing this, Egyptian people are in the streets protesting and rioting against their dictatorship government. They are seeing their economy in the toilet with the growing number of poor people and few jobs and opportunities and rising inflation. They are reaching a desperate state. Many are fearful that if power is given to the people they will put in place a radical islamic regime and Middle East stability will suffer. (What stability?) Just as here-government is fearful to trust the will of the people and its ability to govern itself. It is scary, we might make the wrong choices. Well, the United States can survive a Civil War, anti-American progressivism and growing socialism, and the Obama administration and I am confident we will. We will because we have the protections in the Constitution, we have the people rising up as they realize how our freedom and power are now at risk. But it is up to us to as it is the Egyptian people to make our voices heard. We need to be diligent. Go out and be American!

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