Dem’s Democracy Littered with Litter

Posted on February 18, 2011


I have to say, as I have watched the Democratic party exercise their version of Democracy from the inaugeration to recent protests in Wisconsin, I have witnessed one interesting difference between Democratic/liberal protest and Republican/conservative protest…litter, trash, garbage and let us add dirty mouths and vile signage are common at liberal uprisings and not so much at conservative.

The garbage left after the Obama inauguration was record breaking. There were many pictures and articles written about the lack of respect for the mall that liberals had as they left so much trash and personal effects like sleeping bags, coolers and the like. Compare this event to the Glenn Beck rally late last summer. It was requested that people not bring signs-just themselves. And after the rally, many were seen leaving with trash bags and picking up trash as they left-compare the pictures.

After the inauguration Jan 2009

After the Glenn Beck/Tea Party Rally

Wisconsin State Capitol yesterday

Now fast forward to the rally in Wisconsin. Take a look at how the protesters treat their state capitol.

And let us add that several protesters in Wisconsin are comparing the Wisconsin Governor to Hitler and other obscene statements. Can it be that the party that is calling for civil discourse is actually the more guilty party? I think the answer is obvious.

It is American to protest and I defend everyone’s right to protest. I even defend everyone’s right to say things uncivil if they feel it helps their cause. But does trashing the landscape, personally bashing and threatening the opposition, lying to employers/students about being sick to go protest win the argument? What about the Democratic Assembly members who fled the vote? Does it show respect for the democratic process?  I think not.  Can the Egyptian protesters have a better understanding of what it is to be American than our Democrats? Well each person can decide that for themselves.

Manipulation of the facts has been a liberal tact of late since they cannot argue the facts. The facts are that the majority of Wisconsin residents voted for conservatives to face the hard problems of a financial crisis. The fact is that unions have not been willing to negotiate the benefit changes necessary to help with this crisis. The fact is that union tactics of not bargaining in good faith has led to lessening of bargaining power-they made their bed and now the membership has to lie in it. And biggest fact-this is not about salary cuts-it is about teachers paying into their own pensions and health benefits. Do they not know that most people pay for their own healthcare and most do not even have pensions? The economy and market will not support this. Do they want people/taxpayers with considerably less benefits to pay for their Cadillac benefits? I wonder about this ignorance demonstrated by these teachers. I for one would prefer they not be in the classroom teaching our children.

Obama has really achieved one of his higher purposes: that of creating a culture of class welfare in a country whose original purpose was to eliminate the class structure of Europe. Why are we bringing this European style of politics back to our shores?

I am becoming more saddened by the lack of respect that Democrats have for American Principles and honest political discord, not to mention the environment they say they are for protecting…but that is a subject for another blog.

Go out and Be American!

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