A New Call For Independence

Posted on April 14, 2011


I live in a little known agricultural county in the heart of Virginia called Cumberland. Also little known is that THIS county’s legislature was the first elected body in this country to call for independence from Britain on April 22, 1776. While standing on the balcony of Effingham Tavern, Carter Harrison read the proclamation to the State Convention, “We therefore, your constituents, instruct you positively to declare for an Independency, that you solemnly abjure any allegiance to His Brittanic Magesty and bid him a good night forever…” . On the 3rd Saturday of April, Cumberland celebrates this event by having Patriots Day. So tomorrow-I will head 5 minutes up the road from my farm to the county courthouse and listen to speeches and music and eat some good food and hear my son play the drums with the Cumberland High School Band.

Yesterday as I watched the President’s speech as he talked about his vision of America, I could not help think about how this idea of America so differs from the concept of this country 200 some years ago. He feels we should take more money from the wealthier Americans to prop up programs such as Medicare, and other entitlements that are not working and are insolvent; and for such programs  as Planned Parenthood of which 90% of their services performed are abortions, for NPR-a government-funded news organization that has been accused of bias. And talking about subsidizing so-called green energy ideas-which would not be necessary if they were economically feasible in the first place (Look how well subsidizing corn for ethanol has worked-creating a shortage of corn-raising prices of food very quickly as a result.) Enabling the public’s reliance on entitlements does not speak well for the independent spirit we embodied all those years ago.

We, as a nation, were founded on SELF reliance, not government reliance. Governments are not fiscally efficient with our money-so we should only be using it as it was intended-defence and to create laws to keep the peace and to enable each individual to take care of themselves without government interference. It should not be funding Cowboy Poetry. Last I checked, freedom of our choices are fast diminishing. Have you heard that we will not be able to choose incandescent light bulbs in the near future? Some say that we have become so politically correct that people are not stating the obvious. I say we are so politically incorrect that we have let our government take over more and more of our lives due to fear and lack of confidence in our own ability to take care of ourselves perhaps dating back to the Great Depression that shook that confidence. And look what came out of that event-income tax, and social security. And it is not a coincidence that unions emerged back then to hawk that they could negotiate with management on your behalf better than you could. And now see-we as tax payers are  footing the bill for these negotiated pensions that make no fiscal sense and are pushing local governments to the brink of bankruptcy

When Americans are able to keep much of what they earn, and are not encumbered by a big brother government as is common in Europe, then we fly. We are at our utmost by being the best innovators and wealth builders than any other nation on the planet. When we don’t stay true to our principles, when we elect a government that wants to take care of us (and as a result take power from us), we falter, we drown in the resulting debt. Many of the wealthier among us did not start out that way-they did the American thing, they took a risk, started businesses and as a result created jobs. Would they be where they are in the current fiscal climate? Loans are tough to get, payroll taxes are increasing and corporate taxes exceed all other developed countries. And our president wants to heap more taxes on these people? Does he not know that the wealthiest 1% paid 18% of all taxes in 1980 and pay 38% now? How does that encourage investment?

What should Americans do? First-do your homework before voting. Learn about economics. Know your American history. Being an American is a responsibility we all need to take seriously. Many Americans died for those freedoms we have, but we need to safe guard them. If we don’t, America will become President Obama’s vision. It is not about party, it is not about class warfare. It is about being American or not being American. I say we get together and claim our independence from a government that wants to keep us addicted to entitlements which is definitely UnAmerican.

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