Entitlement-Pusher-in Chief

Posted on April 20, 2011


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When did we lose confidence in our own ability to lead our own lives successfully? Why are we looking to government instead of ourselves to provide that American Dream everyone is talking about? Do we really want to reelect a president that has worked very hard to get the American people addicted to hand outs? A lot of questions we should all be asking ourselves as Mr. Obama is now full force in campaign mode. (And is that appropriate as a debt crisis is looming?) Ok, another question.

Coming up in 2012, this country will face an enormous decision, because this election can point us in 1 of 2 directions; either towards a smaller government that allows more money and thus more power into the hands of the people to create its own destiny-to innovate, choose its own charities; or towards a larger government that takes money, and thus power, from people and businesses to weave the massive safety net of entitlements and regulations for businesses and people to adhere to with the idea that people would want services over economic freedom. In short-giving up hard-fought for American Principles and freedoms and belief in the strength and integrity of our citizens and hang onto our identity and what is purely American OR for a social-style country like those in Europe.

These very issues were being debated as our constitution was being formed. Alexander Hamilton spoke of the challenge of educating the public in what is at stake in an election. The liberals/progressives led by Obama are siting that our elderly and poor will suffer great tragedy if Medicare and other entitlements are reformed. He said that what makes America great is its compassion and its ability to keep its commitments-in other words-our entitlements-not our freedoms.  They have worked hard over the last 3 years to make sure more and more people are receiving a government hand out. Unemployment being extended again and again is an example of many. Our current president wants to keep more power out of the hands of the people to further his agenda of reliance on big government. Hamilton explained it well in the 1st of the Federalist Papers, “An over-scrupulous jealousy of danger to the rights of the people, which is more commonly the fault of the head than of the heart, will be represented as mere pretense and artifice, the stale bait for popularity at the expense of the public good.” Promises that the government will take care of us sounds very tempting. But what do we lose as a result? The result, of course is massive debt, and the government scrambling to look for other sources of money-hence more taxes and more regulation of businesses, higher corporate taxes to squeeze more money for this behemoth government. Is this really for the public good?

We have a president who is using this office to pit class against class, to demonize businesses for sending jobs overseas, yet hoist more taxes and regulation on them making it very hard to conduct a profitable business in this country. Look at all the businesses fleeing California for Texas because Texas has lower taxes and fewer regulations and businesses can thrive. They are creating a job growing agenda over a “we gotcha now we’ll getcha” agenda as in California. What happens in the states will happen to us as a country. Demonizing the job creators will result in fewer jobs-dah!

And what of this debt? We just got a negative warning from the S&P that indicated that unless we are able to turn this Titanic of a debt around-we will certainly hit the looming ice burg. We are already getting those pings of pending crisis. As the value of the dollar sags, it costs more for us to do everything. It starts with gas prices. Obama would have you believe that the oil companies are taking advantage of Middle East unrest. And that they are not drilling their leases. Never mind that the federal government has put a halt to much of the drilling in the Gulf. But think about it. If the value of the dollar continues to drop-and as has versus the Euro-it takes more dollars to purchase things like gas. ABC did a story on higher gas prices recently-and blamed speculators for the higher prices-never siting the lower dollar value as a cause. The lower value is brought about by our debt and by the Treasury printing more and more money. Another Duh! Pretty soon-and Obama hopes that this will not happen before the 2012 election-our AAA credit rating will drop. And our very standard of living will take a major hit-be ready.

So why is Obama heading us ever faster towards this cliff? I think it is because he has a different view of what he thinks America should be-he does not agree with our founding principles. He has shown by his statements that he thinks it is a government’s ability to provide for the least of its citizens is what makes a great country, not a government that leaves most of the money and power in the hands of the people to take care of itself, and to provide for the least of its citizens. And I question Obama’s commitment to keeping the dollar as the number 1 currency. Last January, Obama met with France’s President Sarkozy to discuss currencies and commodities. According to MarketWatch, “Sarkozy wants to use his country’s leadership of the G-20 to reform the global monetary system to reduce currency volatility.” The January article continued, “Obama didn’t specifically mention currencies in his own remarks but did say there are still “too many imbalances in the world economy that are inhibiting the prospects of growth.””

Obama talks a good game, claiming he is looking out for the needs of the people, that big greedy business is the reason for the troubles and we can get more money from them to pay for all of these necessary benefits and that will take care of the debt. It is more appealing sounding than that of Paul Ryan saying that these entitlements are too expensive as they are and will bankrupt us if nothing is done. And add talk of personal responsibility and reform and many voters will find Obama tempting. Hamilton has warned us about the likes of such men, “and that a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government.”

It is very hard for many people to resist free money being handed to them, or that our poor will be taken care of. But will they? This massive debt and over regulation will chase good jobs overseas. Most would rather have a job than a hand out. And not dealing with our debt correctly-by cutting spending and not raising the tax rate will result in a huge debt crisis. We as voters need to resist the entitlement pushers for the good of our country. We have to choose whether we are still Americans, still following the real American Dream of economic freedom to be the architect of our own lives not a government’s idea of what our lives should be. Or have we lost the confidence in ourselves as a great people and choose a socialist/progressive, unAmerican idea for our country.

I believe in our greatness and I believe that when in need, we choose to rise up hand in hand, instead of allowing the hand of government to bail us out. How many have started with nothing-yet created great businesses. Let us choose the power of the people over government-let’s go out and Be American! Don’t get fooled again (my apologies to The Who.)

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