The Tea Party just a temper tantrum

Posted on April 23, 2011


Main Hall of booths at the Virginia Tea Party Convention October 2010

You know, many people, mostly the media, try to down play the Tea Party by defining it as racist, an astroturf movement and such, seemingly in hopes that it will just fade away. Many have a preconception, or lets just say what it is-a bias-against an entity that does not tow the liberal point of view. The reality of this movement is that it has strength, it has grown quickly and has already welded its power in an election and in the House of Representatives in a very short time. It astounds. And it cannot be explained away.

I was tuning into to the Oprah show, as I have been known to do as I am working on winding yarn for my business-a boring activity so I was looking for some entertainment. And I caught a bit of Chris Rock answering a question for Oprah. She had asked his thoughts on the Tea Party. I was bemused by his response because what was obvious was that he really had no idea what the Tea Party was. And his response made him look ignorant-yet I enjoyed it-it was funny. He stated he thought the Tea Party signaled the end of racism. Oprah was surprised by the statement and he explained that it is like children who will act up right before they go to sleep.

It would have meant more if the Tea Party was actually racist-in fact, if either Chris Rock or Oprah had attended the event I did last Fall, they would have an understanding of what a huge foot Chris Rock had just put in his mouth. My husband, brother and I attended the 1st Virginia Tea Party Convention. I met many conservative and patriotic people. These were people that really could not be defined by any 1 type. They were older, younger, business people, farmers, retirees, and yes, some were people of color. What you did not find were racists. Most, including myself, had never been very politically involved before. We were there to learn how to be active and share in our concern about our runaway national debt, about the erosion of American values and principles from our government and about the lack of understanding of basic American History. It was communicated that any hate speech would not be tolerated. And it was not.

What is clear, is that the media has propagated the bias that was demonstrated by Rock. He has obviously took the media’s word as truth. When I was growing up, my dad encouraged us 6 kids to be informed about the news. We were told to bring an article to the dinner table to discuss. And not just discuss, we had to convince him we had an understanding of the topic. We had to research the topic beyond the article. It was a good exercise and prepared me to not take news as gospel. There are always at least 2 sides, sometimes more, to a story and one must learn those sides to fully understand the topic.

Now I have a lot of respect for both Oprah and Chris Rock. They both have achieved so much and I love that Oprah tries to communicate to people to be the best they can be, take responsibility for themselves, to reach out to help others, to not hide their light under a bushel-to shine. The irony here is that the Tea Party is fighting for the same thing for our country. This group wants the ideals of our founders to prevail, to have a small, fiscally responsible government that does not restrain its people from inventiveness, innovation, business building, its charity of choice, personal freedoms and along with that-responsibility. It wants the United States to to be that light on a hill for the world-to show that people can govern themselves successfully and thrive.

If I had Oprah’s ear-I would say the Tea Party is interested in opportunity for everyone, not any one group of people. It does not pit one group of Americans against another. I would say the Tea Party demonstrates that the people are the consciousness of the government, not the other way around!

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