Steve Jobs-a Great American Capitolist

Posted on October 6, 2011


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I am no different from the millions of people Steve Jobs has touched with his genius, his perseverance and his incredible business sense. I am a fan, no doubt. If not for the wonderful intuitive operating system of the Apple Computer, I would not know what I know. I would not be able to single-handedly run my business. I would not be able to communicate so well with my customers, I would not be able to create my patterns, keep track of where my money is going, know where I have to be, and I would not be so inspired. I am a yarn dyer-but my computer allows me to do everything else. Steve Jobs was innovative-but more important, he allowed others to innovate with the tools he created. He is one of the greatest American success stories.

It is ironic that we have this protest against capitalism going on on Wall Street. These are the manipulated young people who have been convinced that big business is to blame for the job and debt crisis. They have allowed themselves to buy into the hopeless rhetoric that Obama is preaching-trying to rally people to depend on a government instead of themselves. Mr Jobs did not take this approach-blaming others for his status in life. I say to all those misguided souls:  Listen to your heart, believe in your own ability to create something positive, inspiring, innovative. Go out and create your own job-find a need, do the hard work of educating yourselves. Keep trying. Mr Jobs has provided you wonderful tools for learning and communicating. He did not trash others, he did not expect a government to take from others to provide for him. The government and society owe you NOTHING until you provide something for society. Earn your place.

Capitalism and the free market created your standard of living and is the American way of life. It provided you your computer and cell phone. Without capitalism, there would have been no Apple. Creating your own wealth is an honorable way to live and no-capitalism does not create equality, instead it creates equality in opportunity. There will always be haves and have-nots. The only countries that have equal status for most of its people is Cuba, Russia, and South Korea. Keep buying into Obama’s “change” and you will get this kind of “equality”.

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