To Understand and Defend the Constitution is to Be American

Posted on February 7, 2012


During the last 17 years, I have lived and worked where the Union and Confederate soldiers walked in the last gasps of the Civil War. Mixed in the very dirt I tread on is their spilled blood. The major players of this war, Lincoln,Davis, Grant and Lee-also were in and around Richmond, Petersburg, Jetersville, Farmville during these last treacherous days. The war would have continued if Grant did not stop the retreat of Lee. Lincoln met with Grant in Petersburg to go over final plans just after Lee’s Army was chased off. Lincoln went to Richmond and toured the White House of the Confederacy just after the fall of Richmond and Davis beat a hasty retreat. He took tea in Davis’ office 11 days before he was to be assassinated. Grant rode hard over the very roads I travel frequently to make sure Mead’s army cuts off Lee before he can get to the Carolinas prolonging the war. Confederate soldiers, starving, fatigued beyond measure, walk, dying all along the way, still beating off snipers.

Sometimes I think about all of this and realize how much responsibility we all have in actively preserving our country that at this very moment is at a risky point. We are at a point where our Constitution is under daily attack and could possibly be rendered insignificant. This is the document that is our road map and the document that defines what it is to be American. It sets us apart from the rest of the world, it is the reason we are exceptional and why we enjoy the freedoms we do.  If we do not take steps to preserve this document, to defend it as so many have before us, we will fail to pass along a great country to our children. Those that have been silent until now, need to speak up and do so louder than the opposition who have controlled much of the conversation.

Many are not paying attention to what is happening. Within the last few days-let’s take a look. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg was recently interviewed by Al Hayat television regarding the formation of a democratic Egyptian government and what advice she might have to the Egyptian people as they struggle to form their government. I am fascinated by how 2 agencies handled the story. See the links below so you can compare the ABC version and the Fox version and form your own opinion. Her disturbing statement was as follows: “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the Constitution of South Africa.” Well I took a look at the South African Constitution and the 1st difference is the large size of it in comparison with the US Constitution. And also I saw the reason for this lengthy document was all the regulations it dealt with on the federal level. Not only does it site regulations for Medicine, Air Service, Marketing of Agricultural Products, Education, Trade Unions, Construction, Land Rights, Tourism; it also has some qualification requirements for professions like Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Chefs, Accountants, Teachers, Architects, and Dentists. In my opinion, Big Brother was written into this document. Power was taken from the people and put into the hands of the federal government by law. This is not a document based on Democracy and “We the People”. In our Constitution, the people are the brokers of power. We entrust our elected government to follow the constitution that protects our freedoms. The states and local government-rightly-are entrusted with much of regulating many professions where people can have a more direct say. Creating a living for ourselves is an individual right and a responsibility-it is not for the government to dictate. It scares me that one of our Supreme Court Justices often looks to many foreign law bodies to form her opinions on our own Constitutional issues. They do not and never should have ANY bearing on our own law.  Yet she thinks otherwise as she shared with the American Society of International Law in 2005, “The notion that it is improper to look beyond the borders of the United States in grappling with hard questions has a certain kinship to the view that the U.S. Constitution is a document essentially frozen in time as of the date of its ratification.” She seems to miss that the genius of the US Constitution in that it is as valid today as the day it was written and when one deviates from its precepts, we run the risk of loosing the freedoms it protects.

     Another matter very much in the news and should be shocking to all Americans is Obama’s attack on the Catholic Church.  We are learning more and more as the onion of Obama Care is being peeled back and the ugly reality of it is being revealed.  It is an all out assault on the Constitution and it is my view-that this is one of the intents-to help make the Constitution irrelevant. (Another intent is to take over one sixth of the country’s economy.) No matter your view on contraception, we will all suffer if the government is allowed to dictate to a religious entity how to conduct its services. It will require to all Catholic hospitals, schools, universities and charities; to provide, to pay for birth control, the morning after pill, and other contraceptive measures. ALL OF OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS ARE AT RISK IF THIS MEASURE MOVES FORWARD. It is not by accident that the 1st amendment deals with religious freedom. This the bedrock of our founding. Now I was listening to the Today show this morning and the way they portrayed this story is that Republicans want to do away with providing insurance payments for contraception. How irresponsible! There are so many entities that provides for this without mandating the Catholic Church do so. And if the Catholic Church does not back down-it’s property will be seized in the form of fees.This should make all Americans shudder. But NBC-a news organization-is being nothing more than a mouth piece for the Obama regime by not calling attention to what is really happening.
     The list of constitutional attacks is long as the Obama regime conducts it’s version of government; regulations and czars put in place superseding Congress and going against written law-Wham!; federal government not enforcing immigration laws-Boom!; going against bankruptcy law and bailing out GM, stealing property from dealerships and bondholders and rendering contracts null and void-Crack!; rewriting the loan to Solyndra to favor private shareholders over the taxpayer so that when the loan defaults-the taxpayer is out the money Whap! The constitution is bruised and battered. It is up to each citizen to defend it and to understand it. Think of all who defended it with their blood. We must speak up and vote responsibly. We must dig for the truth and not accept any report on current affairs on face value. If you do all of this-it will frighten you to know what is going on in Washington. I hope it will inspire you to get control of the conversation.
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