A Play for Women; Can We Be Bought?

Posted on October 21, 2012



This election might quite possibly come down to who can gather the most votes from women in their tally basket. How each party is going about it is very telling. It tells me how the leaders of each party view women. And it tells me how each woman votes views themselves.

What will motivate a woman to vote for a particular candidate? Is it the economy or contraception? Is it paid birth control or a good paying job? Is it supporting and defending the constitution or redefining America to fit a more global view of what America ought to be? Is it strong defense and world leadership or “leading from behind“? These and more are the choices sitting in front of women for this election. Democrats seem to be focusing on the birth control and abortion issues and Republicans are focusing on fiscal concerns women might be feeling for themselves and their children. It seems to have come down to body parts…uterus or brain. Both parties are trying to understand what motivates a woman to choose a candidate. Who has it correct?

If you only see the commercials featuring celebrity women, you might think that women’s highest priority is that she wants the candidate that provides sex without consequence; that she can have access to free contraception medication and abortion paid for by the tax payers. Is this really our first concern, really? It would mean we care more about sex than the children that act produces. It would mean we care more about sex than a strong economy and good jobs for those children. If this is true then we care for sex more than the looming debt we are leaving for our children to deal with.

Most smart women understand consequences. Most smart women know that the time our contraceptive choice is made is before the sex act and not afterwards because we know what can result and we don’t put the responsibility of that act onto our fellow tax payers. Smart women know that the result of requiring employers to provide free contraception results in government force of religious entities to go against their faith to provide this, undermining religious freedom for all of us. And smart women know that if tax payers are forced to provide free birth control medication for women, question whether or not it is really fair. Are younger women willing to pay for hormone replacement for older women?

This election is huge in the minds of the voter of both genders. It is about whether or not we continue with the central idea of America as is described in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of self governance or if we change course and choose government intrusion in our lives and redistribution of the money we earn to those that are not producing. Do we choose a free market economy or a heavily government regulated economy? Do we choose a world where the United States leads the world or one where we bow to leadership of other countries, like China and Iran?

My gut tells me that women will dig deeper and investigate the issues. Young girls without foresight will vote with their uterus.

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