We are missing a Commander in Chief

Posted on October 26, 2012



Today we have learned that the president not only should not be president, but he no longer deserves American citizenship. He is not a democrat. He is a post American.

Why such a statement? Fox news has learned moments ago that the white house and the president received 3 calls from the annex of the Benghazi consulate CIA operatives that the Consulate was taking fire. All times they were told to stand down and that no help would be coming. Woods and Daugherty went against the president and went to the consulate and saw it on fire and did their best to save the ambassador and those at the consulate. They saved those that survived. These heroes lost their lives.

There were live pictures in the situation room via a drone while all this was going on. They knew what was happening in real time and did nothing to help. Obama is no longer the commander in chief. He relinquished that position by leaving men behind. He failed his oath. The CIA men knew at that time they no longer had a commander in chief as they disobeyed a direct order to do what the right and compassionate thing. They died for this country and most media are not reporting their sacrifice.

Tell everyone you know. If you vote for Obama, you are voting for a post-American. You are voting for a man that has created a weapon of mass destruction called the national debt. You are voting for a man that would ignore the pleas of his ambassador and the CIA and Navy seals who he put in harms way. All the details were available in the situation room. We knew who was attacking …we had 2 drones filming this in real time. We had marines in Italy and on nearby air craft carriers. Obama did nothing except create a bogus excuse to feed the stupid media. But Fox is having none of it. Mr Woods, father of Tyronne Woods, reported today he had to come forward because he found out the president lied to him. He found out Hilary lied to him. Biden insulted his sons memory by announcing at the ceremony at the airport his son “must have balls the size of cue balls!“ If you vote for Obama…you are spitting into the face of every patriot that has lived and died for this great country. You are giving up being an American. Tell everyone you know. Go to the link for more information.


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