I am a frustrated American who got tired of throwing things at the TV during the news. I love this country and feel that talking about American issues is getting harder and harder as all of us are becoming more divided. I find that in my business, my home, and in my organizations, more is accomplished when we find common ground and a common understanding. Since we all are American, I am exploring what that word means and how is it demonstrated in the past and currently. This blog will be a series of essays in finding out what it means to Be American.

Note: Why MenervaWeaves?  I have chosen the name of Menerva to write under because the Statue of Freedom that stands on top of the US Capitol dome was modeled after Menerva-Etruscan deity who is goddess of wisdom, of the trades and crafts, of the arts and artisans and of war. In mythology she was a master weaver and possessed a great strength. I think as a country-we can all benefit from these attributes.

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