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Steve Jobs-a Great American Capitolist

October 6, 2011


I am no different from the millions of people Steve Jobs has touched with his genius, his perseverance and his incredible business sense. I am a fan, no doubt. If not for the wonderful intuitive operating system of the Apple Computer, I would not know what I know. I would not be able to single-handedly […]

Entitlement-Pusher-in Chief

April 20, 2011


When did we lose confidence in our own ability to lead our own lives successfully? Why are we looking to government instead of ourselves to provide that American Dream everyone is talking about? Do we really want to reelect a president that has worked very hard to get the American people addicted to hand outs? […]

The Constitution-America’s Path Forward or Propoganda?

January 6, 2011


Today my hope that the voice of the American people might have a chance of being heard might have been raised a bit more. Yesterday began the 112th Congress and members took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. During the last 2 years-the Constitution was not really a major concern as […]